Boston Sports Teams Make $409 Million On Lottery Instants

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Wow, we know those scratch-off tickets are tempting. But add a sports team on the front, and we’re far more likely to buy one.

Instant scratchers tickets featuring the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots have sold over $409 Million. That’s more than half of the sales of all sports team scratchers in the whole of the USA (at $763 million).

It’s not surprising that local sports teams are faring so well in lottery sales. The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission not only has the highest sales per capita in the nation, it was the first state lottery to sell a professional sports-themed game and has more current team-based lottery games than any other state in the country.

“The sports team tickets leverage the success and the championship history of our local sports teams, and we have found that the sports fans are also wonderful lottery customers,’’ said Dan Rosenfeld, spokesman for the state lottery. “The sports organizations and the lottery both have traditions of winning.’’


Given the teams make around 2% of the ticket price, it’s not a bad little earner for them.

It was also interesting to discover how much people in Massachusetts spend on the lottery – typically around $671 per year each.

Do you spend that much? Or maybe a little more?

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