Brother Stops Man Burning Million Dollar Birthday Ticket

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Now this is the real reason those fake scratch off lottery tickets are evil!

Bob Roemer, 59, was on the verge of throwing a winning scratch off ticket into his works furnace. The ticket was a genuine $1 Million winning ticket. He’d even scratched it himself.

The problem was that he’d been given $20 worth of tickets as a birthday present by George Roemer, his brother and a bit of a practical joker.

Bob didn’t believe the ticket was real, and for good reason, as a few years ago George had given him a fake scratcher as a joke birthday present.

Despite George’s shock at the big win, and insistence that the ticket was a genuine one, Bob was still unconvinced and planned to just burn the ticket.

Thankfully George was able to convince him enough to accompany him to the lottery headquarters, where the brothers collected a cool $750,000 after taxes had been deducted.

Bob and his wife are still in disbelief despite the money in the bank. Like many they had dreamed of what they would do if they won big on the lottery, but were now unsure of quite what to do with it.

Their three adult children suggested taking a big European trip, but Bob’s wife, Cheri, says they are too busy with work. Bob operates the foundry started by his Grandfather back in 1936, which also employs his wife, brother George and his other brother Todd.

It’s likely the money will be shared around the family, although Bob did add with a slight twinkle in his eye:

If they’re nice to me.

I’m sure they are all nice folks anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little leverage,  eh Bob?

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