Camelot Under Fire For Refusing To Pay Full Jackpot

November 3rd, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

National Lottery officials have continued to maintain that “human error” has caused them to incorrectly advertise a £6.2 million jackpot, when the real amount should have been only £4,860,213.  It is the bettors it seems, who are getting the short end of the stick as Camelot have refused to pay the full advertised amount, and an outcry has started building up.

It does not help that the National Lottery has already been under a lot of criticism lately for a price increase that 80% of the bettors resent, spending on a £15 million ad campaign to push the revamped prices which critics said was money that should have gone  to the fund for good causes, and accusations of using a loophole to evade paying £10 million in taxes.

While Camelot insists it did everything in accordance with regulations, and will only pay the “correct amount”, rival Health Lottery’s sales are continuing to soar.  At this point, taking full responsibility for its mistake and paying the full amount may prove less costly for Camelot in the long run as this blunder has left winners feeling “it takes the excitement out of winning.”


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