Colwyn Bay Zoo Staff Win £1 Million

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Sixteen members of a syndicate composed of zoo keepers, office staff and gardeners of the Colwyn Bay zoo just won a jackpot of £1 million.  Actually, they could have celebrated earlier if they had just bothered to check their EuroMillions Millionaire’s Draw entry promptly.

But then Peter Litherland, the zoo’s animal collection manager, only checked their entry when he was about to buy their next set of tickets.  He and his girlfriend realized they had a winner and double checked just to make sure.  Then they called Mr. Litherland’s co-workers, all of whom lived nearby.

Some who were within walking distance even came in their slippers, and when all were in, Mr. Litherland called Camelot to confirm.  He put the phone on speaker and the room went wild with excitement upon hearing the announcement.

Each of EuroMillions syndicate group are set to receive £62,500, and already there are talks of new houses, cars, and holidays.  But for Mr. Litherland, seems like the animals in the zoo are not enough.  He wants to visit Australia to see wild animals in their native habitat.  A true animal lover.


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