Crossing Guard To Keep Working Despite $1 Million Win [video]

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For those who haven’t won a lottery jackpot yet, here’s how winners are introduced and how they tell their lottery success story.

Lottery officials introduced the latest lottery millionaire in the person of Richard Heath amid much clapping. And then the lucky man told his tale of lottery luck.

Heath says he used to be a truck driver. But now at 77, he has found a second calling helping students safely across the street as a crossing guard. It is his present job that led him to lottery success. He says he always buys a bunch (usually 5) lottery tickets on the way to work every morning. In one of these ticket runs, he bagged a $2 scratcher which gave him the top prize of $1 million.

He says he will continue working despite the win. He says the money will be used to pay the bills, for home repairs, to help family, and for a trip to Vegas.

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