Dad Gives Winning Lottery Ticket To Daughter

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It’s not every day you win $400,000 on a scratch card.

But it’s somewhat rarer still to simply give it all away.

That’s exactly what Aisha Prater’s father did after winning the top prize on the Georgia Lottery ’20X The Money’ game.

He called her up to say come over right away, and when she arrived Aisha was shocked to be handed a winning lottery ticket worth $400,000.

Aisha, 32, said the money came at a perfect time for her and her 4 year old daughter, as Aisha was currently on a temporary layoff from work.

The money will immediately be used to clear some bills. But her father will also be getting ‘a big something’ for Father’s day.

The winning ticket was bought at Country Convenience #1 in White Bluff Road, Savannah.

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