Dave Dawes EuroMillions Email Scam

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I know there’s a new one every day, and this one is barely more plausible than most of them.

But people are falling for it.

So here goes another lottery scam warning.

If you, or anyone you know, receives an email from Dave Dawes (the big £101 Million EuroMillions winner from 2011) don’t believe a word of it.

The email claims that the winners have decided to only keep 2% of the jackpot, and give the rest away… by randomly emailing people they don’t know and offering them £1 Million.

I know that sounds ridiculous, and along with the bad spelling and poor english alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear already. But people do get drawn in by these offers, and greed takes over.

After all, what can you lose by going ahead with it?

How about everything in your bank account and more!

If you reply to the email, you will be asked for your bank details so they can send you the money. Needless to say, once they have extracted enough information and documentation from you to assume your identity, then you’ll find out which of you ends up with the money..!

The best thing you can do with these emails is simply delete them, and go back to normal life.

If Dave Dawes really wanted to give away his winnings, he’d create a charitable trust and give the money to groups and organisations that are experienced in helping those most in need.

On a lighter note.

Dave and Angie have now got married since their big win last year. They were previously engaged and Angie had changed her surname to Dawes but money was tight so the wedding was put off.

Well now they are married, having run off to Gretna Green in December.

Congratulations to them both.

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