Man Defies Friday The 13th Superstition To Post Big Win

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If you are meant to be blessed with a lottery win you will surely get it, regardless of any superstitious beliefs.  Such was the case when Bedwas publican Nigel Willetts defied superstitions to place his entries to the Euromillions draw for Friday the 13th.  The lucky man managed to win a million pounds in the raffle portion of the draw.

It is interesting that his win followed a tragedy a week earlier when he lost his step-father.  Now Willetts is confident he has the means to take care of family.  While he initially wanted to keep the win a secret, his children’s facebook posts soon made that impossible.

He has paid off the mortgage on the pub and has no plans of selling.  He now wants to buy a Range Rover and go on a vacation with his partner of three years, Jane Whittingham.


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