DHL ‘Misfits Syndicate’ Wins £1 Million

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DHL syndicate winners

The good thing about the lottery is that all players have a chance to win – even misfits.  This is something that a lottery syndicate of 13 DHL workers have found out first hand.

The workers from Maidstone, who plays the lottery as The Misfits Syndicate have just posted a big win just a month or so shy of Christmas.  The 13 lucky workers have won a £1 million jackpot on the UK Lotto’s Millionaire Raffle.

The syndicate’s tickets have always been in the care of leader Mandy Richards, who apparently does not check the Millionaire Raffle draw results often enough.  When Richards fell sick Saturday, her daughter went to buy a full month’s worth of tickets for the group.  She brought the old tickets along to check.  That is when she discovered the big win and came back so stunned that she initially thought the prize was only £100,000.

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By Monday Richards was back at DHL’s distribution center at Hermitage Lane telling colleagues of their lottery success.  So later this week it’s  the Misfits turn to receive a delivery – a check worth all of £1 million.

The members of the group get to take home £76,923.07 each.  They have different plans for their shares including debt clearing, new homes, cars, to a waste wheelie bin.


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