East Farleigh Couple Win £1 Million On EuroMillions

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Among the list of habits or routines for winning , Wayne Home would never have thought that simply purchasing lottery tickets each week is the one habit which would get him out of a financial rut.  But after a Euromillions ticket he bought at the Barming Post Office in Bull Orchard, Maidstone managed to snag a £1million raffle prize, his life has turned around 180 degrees.  Where he and his wife used to budget on a daily basis, they can now afford to live a life of leisure.

But it had not always been easy for the couple as wife Desirée Home had gone through a long, painful and expensive battle with the big “C.”  To make things worse, husband Wayne had been made redundant while caring for his wife.

With the win, the couple now plan to upgrade their boat and relax more.  They have also hinted that their children and grandchildren will also benefit from the win.

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