Eureka, $2,500 A Week for Life!

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Wendy Rush, 67, just hit the top prize on a ‘$2,500 A Week for Life’ scratch card.

Although she lives in Eureka, a small city of 5,000 people in Illinois, she is not known to have shouted Eureka on realising her win.

Opting for the lump sum payment, Wendy will receive a check for $1.9 Million. She wisely took plenty of professional advice resulting in a 6 week delay before coming forward to claim her prize.

Winning this kind of a prize is a blessing, a blessing that carries some responsibilities.

Wendy has worked for over 15 years in the Probation Department of Woodford County. But she plans to keep working, for now at least – or until her boss starts giving her a hard time she said tongue in cheek.

A new car is first on her list of things to buy, to replace their 16 year old Toyota. But being shrewd when it comes to money, Wendy will be buying a near new car rather than brand new. As she put it:

New cars take a huge depreciation hit, and I don’t want to be the one to take it.

Wendy bought her winning ‘$2,500 A Week for Life’ at Huck’s convenience store in W. Center Street, Eureka. She used $10 winnings from a previous scratch card to buy new ones including $5 on her jackpot winning ticket.

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