EuroMillions Tuesday Draw – The Bad News

March 25th, 2011   ·   Read 8 Comments...

EuroMillions have just announced a new Tuesday draw will be added from May this year.

This second weekly draw will be in addition to the Saturday draw. With the first draw taking place on Tuesday 10th May, and tickets going on sale Saturday 7th May.

The idea is to “make even larger jackpots and create more chances to win” say EuroMillions.

What this actually means is they are going to make the jackpot HARDER to win!

They haven’t provided the details as yet, but will also be increasing the number of Lucky Star balls! And adding a new £3 bottom prize level in an attempt to make the overall odds look better.

This disappointing change seems entirely driven by greed. As they admit, they want bigger jackpots. Because bigger jackpots get more publicity, which leads to greater ticket sales.

But don’t don’t we have enough rollovers already for EuroMillions?

The current enormous jackpot is as a result of rolling over SIX times. Is £117 Million not big enough? Does anyone really care about having a £3 bottom prize tier?

Read more about the EuroMillions Changes. Or if you really want to play in the Tuesday EuroMillions, BUT overcome those tough odds, then pick from the best EuroMillions Syndicates.

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  • Dave the Walrus

    Your right, this is bad news! When the UK Lotto moved to 2 draws a week, the top prize money actually dropped. People just cannot afford to play twice a week. A bottom prize of £3 is pointless to me and is just plain stupid. It is already very difficult to win the jackpot and more rollovers are of no interest to me. The initial jackpot prize is adequate enough: a rollover means that nobody won and that is not a good thing.

  • Lottery Blog

    The jumbo six times rollover of £121,722,017 has now been won (at last!). It was shared by just 2 tickets – one bought in Belgium and one in Portugal.

    Now even if those were fairly large syndicates, none of them will be moaning the jackpot wasn’t big enough!

    And if they are single ticket holders? Well, it’ll be a great shame it didn’t go to more people.

    (The results were 06, 12, 21, 27 and 33 and Lucky Stars 03 and 07)

  • Dave the Walrus

    One additional thing that they haven’t considered, is that adding more star numbers may actually make it slightly easier to win. Using my system, I can get 2 main numbers out of 50 on a farly regular basis. I have tried this system on the star numbers, which (after all) is really a separate lottery, but I have failed to get the two star numbers on a regular basis. I think this is because there are only 9 numbers and this means that there is not much to select from, so it defies the law of probability. For example, recently 7 came out four times. From a probability point of view, this should not have happened. Ask yourself if this has ever happened in the main draw: even three in a row is a rarity. Anything that makes it easier is alright by me.

    • Lottery Blog

      No, the fact is adding more stars will make it harder to win.

      Number 7 coming out four times in a row is not actually significant. These things are perfectly normal when something is random. It’s when that couldn’t happen you should start to worry.

  • Stefan

    Very Bad news.
    1) two times a week is TOO much to play.
    2) The pot will be less.
    3) Chances to win, much less.

    If you played before always using the same numbers, you will have to start playing twice a week. Otherwise your numbers could come up on the day you did not play.

    I would say a general call to everybody – just do not play the Euro Millions any more. That’s what I will do anyway. I just filled out my last three plays ever as long they keep it like this.

    The more people who stop playing Euro millions the more chance they will change it back.

  • Dave the Walrus

    I’m just going to do it once a week on a Saturday and try out my main number system on the Star Numbers, now that it has 11 numbers. One point, why 11 numbers?

  • GJ

    If it’s not enough that we are being ripped-off by our Local Councils, the Government and the rest of the “Dishonest” Service Providers that are supposed to be taking care of everyone in this “Once Glorious Country!”…
    … Our one-and-only probability of salvation “THE NATIONAL LOTTERY!” goes and dumps on our hopes-and-chances of doing-so! Yet Again!

    They RIPPED us off when they upped the stakes from “one” to “two-quid” when they Loudly and Excitingly Announced that they were GIVING all of the “UK Euro Millions Players” an “Exclusive” chance of winning an “Additional £1,000,000.00”, and then ever-so-quietly (in small print) increase the charges by an extra quid (£1.00) for the Privilege of a Goodness knows how many Millions-to-one chance at winning it!

    The Cheeky so-an-so’s! …
    Camelot indeed! They (like the rest of the Banks and Gas & Electric Co.’s alike) are nowt but a Legalised Consortium of Disrespectful, Greedy, Money Scamming, Rip-off Robbers!

    14 Million-to-One is nigh-on impossible to win when only picking 6 numbers from 49…

    Then they came-up with a 7/59-ratio with Euro Millions with odds of over 76,275,360 Million-to-One!

    Now they expect us to throw cash at them, with odds in excess of 116,531,800 Million-to-One?

    Well that’s the last of my Hard Earned Cash they are getting their Dirty-filthy Money Grabbing Mitts on!

    When are the people in this country going to wake-up to what is going-on around us instead of being nothing-more than a bunch of selfish do-gooders and contributing to supporting nonsenses?

  • alan dawes

    You may as well do the pools – you now have better odds! Nice way though to take the mick and rip us off.

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