Biggest Ever EuroMillions Jackpot In The UK?

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EuroMillions has now rolled over to reach an astounding £154 Million for Tuesday nights draw.

And this is now the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot in the UK.

Why not the biggest in Europe?

Well that’s the exchange rate for you.

The UK/Euro exchange rate has historically been very different to that of today. So although we have the highest EuroMillions jackpot ever for the UK – in Euros it actual stands at €171 Million.

And on 3rd February 2006, a EuroMillions win of €183 Million was claimed between 3 ticket holders – two of them in France and one in Portugal. At the exchange rate at time, the prize was ‘only’ worth £134 million in the UK – far short of the £154 Million now up for grabs.

So whilst the UK can now celebrate reaching it’s biggest prize ever, the rest of Europe will have to wait until Friday… that is, IF the jackpot is not won tomorrow of course.

If you want to join the mega rollover draw, pick one of our top rated EuroMillions syndicates – it will give you a better chance of winning a share of that enormous pot of money!

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