Family Wins The Lottery – Three Times

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They may well be the luckiest family in North Carolina.

The McCauley family have racked up 3 big lottery wins over the years, with daughter Kimberly being the most recent winner just this week.

Kimberly just collected $100,000 after winning the top prize in the North Carolina Lottery’s “10X the Money” scratch off game.

But it was only 4 years ago that Amy, Kimberley’s mother, scooped over $160,000 on the Carolina Cash 5 game. Not to mention her two $1,000 wins in 2009.

The real family jackpot though was 20 years ago now, when the McCauley’s collected $15.5 Million from the New York Lotto.

Kimberley was convinced her mother had all of the family luck, until her big $100,000 scratch card win:

I never thought I’d win anything. I figured my mom was hogging all the luck. This is so overwhelming, but it’s a good kind of overwhelming.

At first she was thrilled when she thought it was only a $10,000 win. It was only when she was telling her mother on the phone that it suddenly became clear – she had actually won 10 times that amount, and hit one of just 6 available $100,000 prizes.

So what is the McCauley family secret to winning the lottery?

It’s quite simple – merely patience. And regularly buying a ticket of course.

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