Graham Nield Confirms Lotto Win By Phone [video]

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Have you ever wondered how a lottery winner’s call to verify his winning number goes? Here’s a video that contains a recording of the conversation between a lottery player and a member of the lottery staff:-

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[This call was to the UK’s National Lottery helpline, as the caller had won the UK Lotto jackpot. Check out our reviews of syndicates for the UK Lotto here]

The conversation starts tentatively as Graham Nield calls up the lottery offices and a lady answers. He tells the lady that he thinks he has won the jackpot and he wants to check how much it is. When he was told it was £6.6 Million, he almost could not believe it. He tells the lady he had gone from crying at some point to giggling. The call ends with the lady from the Lottery saying his dreams have come true, congratulating Graham and wishing that he enjoy it!

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