Bev Doran Wins £14.5 Million From EuroMillions Lottery [video]

March 1st, 2017   ·   Read 6 Comments...

As Bev Moran talks about her £14.5 million win on the EuroMillions, you’d hardly notice any excitement. But of course things would have settled down a bit by the time she got interviewed.  See for yourself.

She says it was a message on her phone that told her to visit her online lottery account to see how much she won. She thought maybe it was about the odd £5 or £10 win, but checked her account anyway.  And that is when she saw how massive her win was. She actually said if felt like a dream and she had trouble believing it was real.

When asked what her priorities were she was very clear. First she says is a bigger house, and then providing for the needs of her 2 special needs children. She says she is glad she doesn’t have to worry about them anymore, even if anything should happen to her. She will see that they get the best care and education her money can buy.

She says she is happy to know she will have no more financial troubles in the foreseeable future.

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  • Edward Stanley

    Have received an email purporting to have come from Beverly Doran Charitable Foundation saying I have been awarded 350,000 grand.

    • Lottery Blog

      As you suspect, this is nothing but a scam. But definitely worth pointing out here for others who may not be sure.

    • Evelyn Espinosa

      I received an email from you telling me that I have earned 350000, I would like to forward it to you so that you can read it and other people will not fall for that scam
      att evelyn

      • Lottery Blog

        Sadly these types of scam email are sent out in their millions every single day – they often use the names of recent winners to sound more convincing. Nobody randomly emails people to give away their winnings, and lottery companies don’t email people who never even bought a ticket. Just be wary of any email you receive.

  • Mark Cyril Jubay

    Omg. There is quite a lot of us here to share. lol

  • Meboka Junior

    I have also received that same email with a letter attached to it.

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