Group Of 18 Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

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Eighteen workers of Rolls-Royce kept purchasing Powerball tickets twice a week for a period of five years.  All that time, they never won anything significant, but they played on.  Their patience was rewarded recently when one of their entries matched 5 numbers, but not the Powerball number.  It was enough to give the happy workers a million dollars to share.

While Casey Campbell usually buys the tickets for the group, he asked Greg Simms to buy the tickets this time around.  When Simms went to get tickets at Village Pantry on Madison, he discovered the machine broken.  He then went to the East Main Street branch of the Village Pantry where he purchased the winning entry.

Each member will receive $55,555.55, or $39,800 net of taxes.  Campbell wants to get his kitchen renovated, pay bills and save the rest.  Simms will pay off bills and perhaps take a trip to Florida with his family.


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