Four Paxton Residents Share $1 Million Prize

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Four people from Paxton won a Powerball second prize of a million dollars when five of the numbers on their ticket matched those drawn in the November 23 draw.  This looks like another solid proof that betting in groups increases the chances of winning.

However, John Overstreet, who was the one who registered with the lottery, did not immediately see the email  from the lottery.  The email had gone to the junk folder.  But even after receiving a letter from the lottery, he found it hard to believe that they had indeed won.

All four winners had worked, or is still employed by Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School, so the group had started referring to themselves as ‘The Lucky PBL.’

It’s also interesting to note that they won by purchasing a 3-month subscription in the summer which they had just renewed with a change in numbers this past October.  By the following month each was a quarter million richer (before taxes).


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