Guard Wins $3 Million On ‘Lucky Break’

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Who’d ever think a man can ‘earn’ more on his lunch break than on his regular job?  That is exactly what happened when Rockefeller Center security guard bought a $10 scratch-off ticket at a Midtown Pronto Pizza on his lunch break.  His $10 investment returned a $3 million jackpot.

Rafik Sulaiman just managed to buy an entry as the winning ticket he bought was the last one on the machine – the jackpot was really meant for him to take home!

He is due to collect $1.5 million after taxes, but he has not let all that money go to his head.  While most of us will immediately consider retirement in the same circumstances, Sulaiman says he plans to keep his job.

The rest of us can dream of scooping a big prize on our lunch breaks, and perhaps look for more excuses to take a lunch break where we can also purchase lotto entries.


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