Irish Millionaires First Thought For Charity

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Maire McKibbin and her family syndicate of 6, just won a cool £1,134,307 on the UK Lotto.

But once the money is divided up, Maire intends to give most of it away to 2 charities she supports.

A 64 year old Grandmother from Kilkeel in Northern Ireland, with 7 grandchildren, Maire plans on donating the money to the Southern Area Hospice and Mourne Stimulus Centre which helps adults with learning difficulties.

But they might treat themselves to a cruise too though.

The McKibbin’s almost missed out on the win altogether.Maire had already bought tickets for the Saturday UK Lotto, but her husband, Jarlath, convinced her to have another go with 5 lucky dips whilst on their way to play golf.

It was one of those lucky dip entries that snagged them the jackpot.

But Maire says she is no stranger to luck, she’s already had a hole in one at golf, and is looking forard to the next one. And after all she joked whilst spraying her husband with champagne:

It’s better to be born lucky than good looking.

The couple were in the midst of organising a charity barbecue for their local lifeboat when they heard the news. A number of relatives were asked to check and re-check the ticket to make sure it was all real.

Jarlath did let slip there was one other small treat he had allowed himself – a shiny new windscreen for their golf buggy.

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