Irish Family Are Quick Pick Lottery Winners

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An Irish family from Galway have just found themselves €5,076,220 richer after Saturday nights UK Lotto draw.

Their quick pick ticket was the only one to match all 6 numbers, leaving them thrilled to discover they had claimed the entire jackpot.

The winners have chosen to remain anonymous, as is their right when playing the UK Lotto, and so far have managed to succeed in keeping their names out of the newspapers.

Galway is a fairly small town however, so it might prove a little tricky to stay anonymous. Stephen Day from Happy Days newsagent at the Galway Shopping Centre where the winning ticket was bought, said:

There’s been a few rumours around, but we don’t actually know who it is. I’d say its hard to keep a low profile with €5 million so good luck to them with that plan!

The winners are however reported to be over the moon with their win, but haven’t confirmed any plans for spending the cash – presumably to avoid giving away any hints of who they may be.

Saturday’s winning UK Lotto numbers were 17, 18, 24, 29, 35 and 48 with a Bonus Ball of 3.

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