Jewellery Shop Manager Rich For Life

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She was the manager of a jewellers and mother of 3 kids. Now she is also a big winner from a National Lottery scratchcard.

Diane Collins, 45, just won herself £40,000 a year for life after scratching a ‘Rich For Life’ scratchcard.

She bought the card from Orchard News near where she works, and scratched the card back at the jewellery shop. Straight away she phoned her fiance, Steven, who was convinced it was a joke. She then phoned her mum.

It is all still sinking in, and more than a little surreal for Diane, but she is of course thrilled:

To know that I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay the next bill and that I can treat my friends and family is wonderful.

Diane had actually been saving up for some home improvements, so she is particularly pleased she can now just go ahead without having to worry about the cost. Her loft is about to become a studio, so son Steve can to pursue his artistic talents and Diane can do tapestry work.

It was very tempting to rush off on holiday, but work is busy and Diane didn’t want to drop her boss in it. She will definitely make time later in the year for a nice luxurious holiday though.

But meanwhile there is still the party she is planning for all her family and friends – with as much food as they can possibly eat.

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