Don’t Let Drug Dealers Buy Your Winning Ticket

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In perhaps this months most crazy lottery story, a Baltimore man is accused of laundering drug money by buying winning lottery tickets for cash.

Steven Blackwell is alleged to have bought and claimed for 3 winning lottery tickets over a 5 week period. The tickets were worth a total of $15,000 – although it’s not clear how much the actual winners were paid for them.

Officials at Maryland State Lottery were asked about the case, but could only say they had “complied with all laws and requests from federal and state authorities”.

Bizarrely, the indictment goes on to an allege that Blackwell and an accomplice, Joy Edison, conspired to hide millions of dollars of heroin profits from the tax man. Preventing them from properly assessing tax due to the United States..!

So please be careful who is listening when you check your lottery tickets. And if they offer you money to buy the ticket off you, it may be time to question where that money originally came from.

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