Broke Spanish Activist To Instant Millionaire

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Just last week he was broke, struggling to pay the bills and sleeping out in Puerta del Sol square in Madrid.

The young Spaniard was actually protesting for political change, and one of many thousands of the ‘Indignant Ones’ camped out in a show of feeling all across Spain. The shanty town which ‘Camp Sol’ had become was already weeks old having began spontaneously on 15th May.

Spain’s youth are demanding change in the face of incredible unemployment levels. Nearly half of all under 24’s in Spain have no jobs at all – and half of the those that do have only been able to secure part-time or below minimum wage jobs. They are well educated, highly motivated, and out for change.

But things have changed greatly overnight for one unnamed member of ‘the Indignant’.

Months ago he stopped playing his regular lottery numbers as he simply couldn’t afford it. But just last weekend he started playing again as he had a premonition of winning.

And he was right, when he collected €1.35m (£1.9m) in last weekends Primitiva lottery.

A spokesperson for the Spanish lottery, Sascha Bedelt, said the young man just couldn’t believe he had won:

“He’s not entirely sure what he wants to do with the money, but he knows that his money problems are over.”

The broke Spanish activist now has plans to get a business idea of his own off the ground. Something he wasn’t able to do before due to lack of funds. A project that will hopefully provide employment and a brighter future for a few more of Spain’s indignant youth.

You can read more about the Primitiva and Spain’s other lottery games in Spanish Lottery.

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