Kay Mellor – The Syndicate A Winner?

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Kay Mellor’s new project ‘The Syndicate’ looks set to be a ‘winner’ from the start.

The popular writer of hit TV series such as ‘Fat Friends’, ‘Band of Gold’ and ‘A Passionate Woman’ has turned her typewriter to the subject of lottery syndicate winners.

‘The Syndicate’ is set in Leeds, and tells the tale of 5 syndicate members who all work at a small supermarket.

And to get into the characters minds, Kay has apparently been working at a till at a Leeds based Spar. So yes, if you spotted someone who looks just like that Kay Mellor working in Spar, then it probably was Kay Mellor after all.

Kay has also been interviewing real lottery winners for the 5 part series:

How many times do your hear people say in any given week ‘If I won the lottery?’ It is becoming a catch phrase.

But they don’t realise what it involves. You have no idea how it changes your life and what you go through, some good and some bad. There is never a truer saying than money doesn’t buying happiness.

Having said that, it can help pay the bills.

The script for ‘The Syndicate’ has been commission, and Kay is underway with part 2 of the 5. She’ll spend a month on each part she says. So look out for the series soon.

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