Lottery Dashes Woman’s Hopes Of Winning

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When Brenda Johnson, of Southfield, heard the automated voice announce the winning numbers to the Michigan Lottery’s Daily 4 mid-day draw she was elated.  The voice had announced 0-5-4-6, which matched the numbers on her ticket.

She drove to the lottery offices only to be told that she had not won anything after all.  Lottery officials explained that even when the automated voice read the numbers as 0-5-4-6, the real winning numbers of 0-6-4-6 was visible on the screen.

Johnson obviously feels disappointed that the lottery has chosen not to live up to its mistake.  While the lottery admits the error, all it has offered Johnson is a coffee or tea, a t-shirt and its apologies.

Seems like the lottery missed out on a great chance at gaining goodwill.


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