Lottery Game Suffers Christmas Day Glitch

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A glitch in one of their games have left South Carolina Education Lottery officials red-faced, and a lot of players terribly disappointed.

A computer error affected the Holiday Cash Add-A-Play game from 5:51 p.m. to 7:53 p.m. on  Christmas day. During that time the same symbol was repeated in all play areas which normally means a top prize of $500. The game was terminal based and cost $1 per play.

Some players were stunned when every ticket they bought turned out to be top prize winners that they kept playing, even  going to different play terminals. When one player kept winning, she called her family who played the game and won multiple times too. But when it came time to redeem their prizes, the machine said ‘transaction not allowed.’ And that burst their dream of winning big.

Now players are asking the  lottery to either honor their tickets or refund their money. Lottery officials have said that a further announcement will be made this week.


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