Another Lottery Ticket Cheat Caught

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Sureshbha Patel, owner of a Pop Mart in North Carolina was arrested by police for allegedly stealing a winning lottery ticket.

Kecia Parker handed the ticket over to Mr Patel as usual to check her numbers.

Unfortunately Kecia was at the drive through window, and couldn’t hear the bells and sirens going off to indicate her ticket had actually won $87,719.

Mr Patel heard it loud and clear but told her she hadn’t won. So Kecia happily went on her way.

Seven months later Mr Patel attempted to claim the winnings for the ticket, which the lottery company duly investigated a little closer.

Needless to say, Kecia was particularly thrilled to hear from the lottery company. They had managed to track down the rightful owner of the ticket from data about the way she played, as well as CCTV footage.

Kecia says the money will help greatly with college costs for her two boys.

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