Feeling Lucky? Today is 10-11-12…

November 10th, 2012   ·   Read 4 Comments...

feeling lucky, 10 11 12

Unless you happen to live in one of those countries that does strange things with the date… in which case last month was 10-11-12 and today is just plain boring old 11-10-12 🙂

So do you feel lucky?

Dare to play the numbers 10, 11, 12..?

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  • Val

    Funny thing is, I hadn’t noticed today’s date. Being in the UK it is 10/11/12… I’m feeling lucky now!

  • carmen mihaela

    I think it’s not real about free lotto because I don’t take my winnings cheque until now, and I don’t take never!

  • Matthew

    Well EuroMillions jackpot is now €100 million and I am feeling very lucky. Fingers crossed.

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