€500,000 Lottery Win ‘Just A Top Up’ Say Two Time Winners

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To most of us the prospect of winning half a million Euros would seem quite exciting.

But for one very lucky couple, it was just a mere ‘top up’, as they had already won €6.5 Million just 5 years ago.

The couple from Dublin chose to remain anonymous when they initially won back in 2006. They moved away from Dublin to a luxurious new home in Co Meath.

Having retired last time they won, the couple have been free to travel the world – and indeed, they already had a big trip to Australia planned for this year. Well, their travel budget just got a nice big top up.

Last time it was him that won – this time around it was her turn. It was still a real surprise to win though she explained, as nobody really thinks they will ever win twice.

She bought the winning ticket at JR’s First Stop, which is in Ashbourne, Co Meath. It was a €9 Quick Pick ticket for the EuroMillions Plus draw – which is an add-on game run in Ireland.

The ticket claimed the top EuroMillions Plus prize of €500,000.

Since their original big win, a jackpot on the main Lotto game, they have had the luxury of being able to take care of both of their families, retire early and live a relaxing life in the country.

The couple both agree it has changed their lives enormously – and very  much for the better.

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