Lucky Dog Photo Contest Entrants Barking Mad Over Cheats

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The New Mexico Lottery thought they were on to a winner when they lauched their Lucky Dog Photo Contest.

Entrants were asked to submit photos of their dogs – 6 of which would eventually win the prize of being featured on the new Lucky Dog scratch off tickets. Winners would be determined by voting.

But over-zealous dog owners tried to game the system and generated large numbers of fake votes for their own dogs!

Steps have now been taken to stop the cheating, and all voting has been reset. New Mexico CEO Tom Romero said:

Unfortunately, the activities of a few have impacted many.  We apologize for the interruption and frustration.  Our goal is to promote a fair contest for you and protect the Lottery’s beneficiary, the Legislative Lottery Scholarship program.

There’s still time to register your vote. Although competition is fierce with currently 4,771 doggy entrants.

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