Man Buys 10 Identical Lottery Tickets – And Wins!

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Now normally this would seem a pretty daft thing to do, but a car salesman in Woodbridge, Virginia would strongly disagree.

The unnamed man, who worked at the ‘Lustine Chrysler Jeep Dodge’ dealership in Woodbridge, bought 10 tickets for the Virginia Cash 5 game.

But he picked exactly the same numbers on every ticket!

This is not normally considered clever as it doesn’t of course increase your chances of winning. Whereas buying 10 different sets of numbers gives you 10 times the chance of winning the big prize.

But on this occasion the numbers he picked turned out to be the 5 winning numbers: 11, 13, 18, 22, 28.

So instead of winning the fixed $100,000 jackpot prize, he actually won the same prize 10 times over, paying him $1 Million instead.

The winner was well known at ‘Discount Tobacco and Things’, Jefferson Davis Highway, where he bought his tickets. So the clerk ran over to the dealership as soon as he saw the results to the let the winner know what had happened.

His fellow coworkers said he quit his job shortly after hearing the news. And added that he was a good guy and really deserved the win.

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