Man Finds Lost $9 Million Ticket 9 Days Before It Expired

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Irvin Przyborski was doing his taxes when he came across an old lottery ticket amongst the papers.

The ticket was bought back in March 2010, but he checked the numbers just in case.

It turned out to be Illinois missing jackpot ticket, worth a cool $9 Million. And it only had 9 days before it would have expired and become worthless.

Irvin, 61, was entirely unimpressed by the whole affair however:

What’s the big deal? It’s not even worth putting in your paper. It’s like watching paint dry.

Look at the people who are out of work. People with doctorates can’t find work. There’s nothing joyful about winning money in a situation like this.

Perhaps the retired lottery driver was a little embarassed by his good fortune in difficult times. He did accept he would have been upset to have missed the deadline.

Enjoy your win Irvin, whether you donate it to charity, or enjoy seeing the world.

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