True Lottery Winners Found – 7 Years Later

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Do you check your own lottery tickets to see if you have won?

Make sure you do.

Because whilst most lottery retailers are decent honest people, some are not. And the fact is, it’s not hard for a retailer to tell you the ticket lost – and then keep it to claim the prize later!

And that’s just what happened to a syndicate of seven people in Toronto. They were cheated out of a $12.5 million lottery win back in 2003. Thankfully the lottery company spotted the fraud and lucky seven finally got their money today.

The actual winners – who had been told originally that their winning Super 7 ticket was worthless – were given their prize at a news conference held Thursday by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

Investigators allege that a father and son working at a Burlington Variety Plus store had stolen the winning lottery ticket from a customer by falsely reporting that it was not a winner.

They also allege that the men used a female family member to improperly claim the prize one year later from the Dec. 26, 2003 draw.


And the moral of the tale is – always check your own tickets folks.

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