Man Says Syndicate Play Gave Him Six Division One Wins

December 3rd, 2017   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

A Western Australia man who has won six division one prizes has attracted lots of attention. People were wondering if he is really incredibly lucky or he has found a foolproof winning system. Apparently the “secret” is something many of us already use.

The Maddington man says the secret is in playing with a syndicate. He says that lowers the cost of buying tickets while increasing his winning chances. The small drawback of course is that he has to share the prizes with other syndicate members. Not so much of a problem when you keep winning big enough!

His last win saw him pocketing a share of a $658,000 prize. There are 12 men in the syndicate. Still, he says he’s pocketed about half a million dollars from lottery wins so far. And he has no intention of stopping now.


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