Man Wins Crazy Beer Lottery

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I’ve seen some odds lotteries over the years.

70 lucky winners of the LCBO lottery won the right to buy a bottle of beer for $114-95.

No, they didn’t actually win any beer – just the right to pay a lot of money for one bottle of it.

The rare Sam Adams Utopias beer is only brewed every two years, with just 9000 bottles made generally available.

Unlike most beers, the Sam Adams Utopia beer is made from a blend of several different strong beers that have been aged in various barrels that once contained Cognac, bourbon and port.

The oldest of those beers is 15 years old and the Utopias was made more like a fine spirit than a beer.

It also has an alcohol content of 27 per cent.


I wonder if he’ll break open the bottle to celebrate his win..?

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