Maryland Lottery Loses Money On Pick-4

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Saturday evenings Pick 4 lottery draw was not a good one for the Maryland purse strings. But it was good for players.

The result drawn was 4-4-4-4, a very popular combination that 2,800 players had bought.

Each ticket won $2,500 resulting in a total payout of $7 Million.

Unfortunately that Pick 4 draw had only taken in ticket sales of about $458,000, leaving the lottery company a little short.

But not to worry, their pockets are deep, and the they usually make a lot more than they pay out.

In a press release the company said;

While players fare well when Pick 4 drawings result in four-of-a-kind, payouts for the game often top the charts as the Lottery incurs its maximum liability of $7 million.

So like a lot of Pick 4 draws, Maryland limits the sales of each combination so they know they won’t have to pay out too much money.

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