Massachusetts Couple Win $15M Instant Ticket Prize [video]

June 30th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Can you imagine what it would be like for a couple to win a huge lottery jackpot a few years after getting hitched?  Watch this video to find out.

If newlyweds David and Stacy Foster had their way, they would still be leading ordinary lives today.  But the ticket dispenser they wanted to purchase a ticket from happened to be closed, so the clerk pointed them to the next one.  and that is how they stumbled upon a lucky $30 scratch-off from the state’s new Supreme Million lottery.  The ticket gave them a $15 million win.

After opting to receive a one-time payment of about $6.8 million net of taxes.  The smiling couple want to buy a home, a vehicle, and pay off their student loans.


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