Nervous Couple Wait 6 Months To Claim Big Win

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Most of us would be on the case instantly – but Raleigh and Erin Hill of North Carolina knowingly held on to their winning ticket for 6 months!

Hearing all the bad stories about how things go wrong for lottery winners made the couple reluctant to come forward and claim their $1 Million win.

Raleigh even waited a few weeks before he let his wife know, and only revealed his secret when she was having a particularly bad day. He left the ticket on her computer, saying “things aren’t all that bad”.

The couple will probably buy a new house, and take a trip to Ireland where Erin’s family come from.

It is a shame they felt that way about coming forward though. The stories where lottery winners go bad and lose everything are of course totally out of proportion.

As humans we seem to have this weird desire to favour bad news over good news! So that’s what the press like to give us.

Most lottery winners are actually perfectly happy with their new found wealth. But that’s not interesting news, is it?

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