New York Family ‘Set For Life’

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Michael Rowinski, 64, and a family man, took just an instant to decide what to do with his lottery winnings – share it with the family.

He just won a guaranteed minimum of $5 Million on the New York lotteries ‘Set For Life‘ instant win ticket. But he says it was the easiest decision to share the money.

I’ve always tried to help out my family over the years anyway I could. This isn’t just my win, it’s a win for the entire family.

Michael had a holiday planned with his wife for the very next day after winning, so rather than claim it immediately he locked the ticket away in a safety deposit box. On returning the couple rounded up all the family and headed to the Lottery HQ in Fishkill to claim the prize on 13th July.

The top prize is a guaranteed minimum of $5 Million paid over a 20 year terms. So the Rowinski’s will be sharing around $165,000 a year after tax.

Apparently the family don’t have any immediate plans for their winnings, but they are very grateful indeed for their good fortune, and say they will be spending the money wisely.

Michael bought his ticket at Marco’s Vino & Spirits in Cortandt Manor. It was a $10 Set For Life ticket, which offers odds of 1 in 6,300,000 of winning the big prize.

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