Nurse Wins $1,000 Per Week For Life

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Tawanda Almedino is a mother of three and a nurse at Monroe Community Hospital, New York.

She works as a nurse by day and studies for a Registered Nursing degree by night. Somewhere inbetween she gets to be a mother.

On 20th May Tawanda, 34, risked $2 on a scratch off lottery ticket at the Wegmans store in Chili Avenue, Rochester. The ticket turned out to be a winner, for the top prize in the New York Lottery ‘Win $1,000 A Week For Life’ game. It will guarantee her a payout of at least $1 Million.

When asked if the big win would change her life, Tawanda said it wouldn’t:

I set out to get my degree as a Registered Nurse and that’s what I plan to do. This doesn’t change my plans; it just changes the numbers in my bank account.

She plans to use the money to help with costs for her nursing degree and for the kids college funds.

It looks like the family are in for a trip to Disney too – Tawanda always promised them if she ever won the lottery, they would all go to Disney. That happy day just arrived.

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