Old Friends Happy To Split $1 Million Jackpot

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It may have been an unofficial agreement, and was never placed in writing. But Eula Webb and Sam Cricci are not greedy people, and are more than appreciative of the $1 Million they find themselves sharing.

Eula, 75, was off to the store to fetch milk. So she invited along friend Sam, 80, to help keep him active.

They bought milk, and an Empire State Millionaire scratch-off ticket each before heading home.

Eula scratched her ticket, and won nothing. Sam on the other hand hit the jackpot of $1 Million.

They were awarded their winning cheque at the Associated Supermarket on Fulton Street, Middletown on Friday morning, in front of TV cameras with Yolanda Vega. Both retirees were uncomfortable with all the attention.

When questioned about it, the thought of not sharing the prize had never even occurred to Sam. They had a verbal agreement to share, so that’s what the friends will do.

Sam is now the second winner of a jackpot prize with the Empire State Millionaire scratchcard. The game launched in March this year, and has jackpot odds of 1 in 2.6 million.

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