People Happy For Lebanese Fisherman Who Won The Lottery [video]

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A video of the latest winner of the Lebanese Lottery has been shared thousands of times in social media. While the video is in Arabic, you can feel the emotion as the  man describes the effect of the win on his life.

The video shows Ahmad Dandach, a Lebanese fisherman from Tripoli expressing deep gratitude for win. The man says he has always been poor and had a really hard time making ends meet. That is why he is so overcome with emotion even as he speaks. When the teller told him of he had won, he  was so stunned he could hardly stand.

He says he wants to use the prize to buy a new house, provide a better future for his children, and help people in need. He also thanks the Lebanese Lottery officials.

His emotional video has taken social media  by storm and lots of people are expressing how they are happy for Ahmad.

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