Police Guard Lottery Winner’s Home [video]

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A lottery win changed Mavis Wanczyk from an ordinary hospital worker to the biggest ever winner of a lottery prize in the US. Police are so concerned they’ve increased patrols in her neighborhood. Watch the video to learn how she picked her lucky numbers.

Behind that smile of a big lottery winner is the bewilderment of a person whose life has drastically changed because of just one lucky lottery ticket. And while all that publicity assures other players that the win is legit and offer hope they can be the next winner, it identifies the winner. And that cannot be good for privacy or security. Already her neighbors are reporting unknown people asking where Wanczyk lives. That may be why police decided to help.

The winner has decided to receive her prize as a one time payment of $480 million before taxes ($336 million net of taxes). Fortunately her neigbors and the police in her community are very protective of her. And with all that money, she can take as much time as she wants to figure out what she wants to do with it.

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