Arizona Man Wins Powerball Jackpot [video]

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Watch this video of Arizona Lottery official Karen Bach announcing that the second winner of a $577.5 million Powerball jackpot has come forward.  The winner is a man in his 30’s who lives in Fountain Hills Arizona.

The winner, whose identity has not been revealed, had met with lottery officials at a hotel.  The winner has been described as an intelligent family man who has just moved from Pennsylvania a year ago.  The winning ticket was one of $10 worth of lucky pick tickets he had bought earlier from the Four Sons Store.

The winner revealed interesting details about his win.  First, though he used to play Powerball regularly in Pennsylvania, this is only the second time he played in Arizona.  Finally, when he used a 20-dollar bill to pay for his ticket purchase, the clerk tried to convince him to buy $20 worth of tickets – he said no and still managed to win one of the biggest jackpots ever.

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