Potters Win £1 Million Jackpot

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Nineteen workers of Steelite, a pottery manufacturer, have a million reasons to celebrate.  The lottery syndicate just bagged a £1 million jackpot from the Euromillions Millionaire’s Raffle.

The youngest member of the lucky group at just 17 is Cameryn Shingler, an apprentice who has worked at the factory for just eighteen months, and has been a member of the syndicate just as long.  He takes home a £52,631.57 share of the jackpot.  Now the youngster wants to go on vacation, and perhaps save a bit for the time when he needs to pay a deposit to buy his own home.

This is the biggest win, even for the much older members of the group, though they remember a time in 2003 when another syndicate won more than £5 million.  Most of them say the money will make life just a little bit easier.

The members of this EuroMillions syndicate have been pooling their money for the lottery in the past four years; which just proves that syndicates and persistence do work.

Read more in http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Steelite-staff-celebrate-pound-1m-EuroMillions/story-20977504-detail/story.html

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