Richard Lustig Challenged On Bad Lottery Advice

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He’s been working the media circuit and got picked up by quite a few shows and news channels recently.

Richard Lustig has moved from lottery book author obscurity to a media hungry wannabe.

There’s no denying that Richard has won a number of lottery prizes. But unfortunately that does not qualify him to give advice on the subject – especially when the advice he is giving is factually incorrect. As with much of the content of the Richard Lustig book.

This minor fact has escaped the attention of those such as ABC News, CNBC, Good Morning America, CNN and Fox. What happened to proper journalism?

But finally someone has actually stopped to ask Richard some tough questions. Stacy Johnson from MoneyTalkNews asked him about his tips for picking numbers.

And then put those tips to Jason Gershman Ph.D. – Associate Professsor and Coordinator of Mathemathics at NSU in Florida.

Gershman quickly dismissed Richard’s tips on picking numbers as simply wrong.

Johnson put this to Lustig, at which point the interview rapidly fell apart.

It’s a sorry state of affairs that the large news corporations are more desperate for a story these days, than they are in providing their readers with the truth.

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