Saskatchewan Woman Scratches $1 Million

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Evelyn Schoffer didn’t even play very often, but she was sure glad she did two days ago.

She bought her ticket at the Moose Jaw Coop in 1st Ave, NW on Tuesday. But took it home rather than scratch on the spot.

It was only after she had made dinner and taken a moment to sit down that she scratched the ticket. And discovered she had just won $1 Million.

But not believing her own eyes, Evelyn took the ticket around to her son’s house for a second opinion. Her son was away, but Evelyn and her son’s girlfriend took the ticket to the local store to scan it:

When we did take it in and $1 million came up, it was quite exciting.

She was then on the phone to the entire family to share her fantastic news.

Evelyn says she is simply on cloud 9 now. She does plan to continue working at her job of 23 years, at least for until she decides what to do next.

She has always dreamed of travelling to Italy, a dream which is now very likely to come true.

The winning ticket was a $1 Million Jumbo Scratch ‘n Win, and Evelyn is the second person to win a $1 Million prize with it. The first was from Weyburn in May 2011.

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