Shop Worker Steals Pensioners £1 Million Ticket

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Young shop worker Farrakh Nizzar has now admitted being guilty of fraudulently trying to claim a lottery prize.

Maureen Holt, 77, went into the store in Manchester to check her EuroMillions ticket. She handed the ticket over to the shop assistance to check it for her.

Farrakh scanned the ticket and told her it had not won anything. But he kept hold of the ticket as he was well aware that the ticket had actually won £1 Million in the Millionaires Raffle, which he then attempted to claim.

He was caught after an internal lottery investigation discovered the basic facts of his claim were suspicious.

Farrakh admitted his guilt in court, and will be sentenced at a hearing later in August.

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Our advice – always check lottery tickets yourself, never just hand over a ticket to a shop assistance to check the numbers for you. It’s also wise to use more than one source of results just in case of errors, and to keep tickets for a reasonable period of time.

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