19 Year Old Squaddie Scratches $100,000

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Fresh home from basic training in Fort Lee, Cody Fairey was already packing for Fort Bliss.

But it was whilst watching a hockey game with his brother and father, that he scratched off the Minnesota Hold ‘Em ticket.

I stared at it for like three minutes before I said anything.

Not a stranger to winning on the scratchcards, Cody had only previously won up to $50 – which was gone by the weekend. So the the $100,000 prize he was staring at took a little more getting used to.

Cody plans to invest the money for his future while he continues his service for the next three years with 91st Fox Trot at Fort Bliss.

The winning ticket was bought at Southside Corner Convenience, 101 Kistler Drive.  The odds of winning the big prize are 1 in 480,000.

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